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Our Mission

To provide peace-of-mind knowing you have what you need for your growing family.

Our History

Tykes2Teens Consignments was founded by two friends in 2007. Their goal was simple: provide affordable, gently-used children’s clothing, toys and equipment to consumers in the local Central PA area. Just like the families we serve who have changing needs, we as a company also needed to change and adapt. Over the years we have grown in size and scope. We pride ourselves on listening to the needs of our customers and work hard to continue the tradition of our founders while also expanding to accommodate our budding consignor base.

In the spring of 2016, we became a fully family-owned and operated small business and slowly began revamping our look to reflect our new owners’ personalities. A few of our recent exciting enhancements include: acceptance of items geared toward our growing young adult demographic; a move for our fall 2017 sale to a new, larger space at the Park Inn; and a redesigned website we hope will be a resource for all members of the Tykes2Teens family. As we look toward the future we see nothing but exciting opportunities and welcome you to be a part of this journey with us.

Meet Our Team

Maryann K. – owner since 2011. Maryann is our consignor guru and ultimate mentor. She can answer any question you may have from item pricing to tagging. She also runs our Facebook page and posts all of our wonderful contests. During our sales you can find Maryann behind the register ready to ring you out! If Maryann had an official title it would be Head of Consumer Resources!

Erin M. – owner since 2016. Erin is our sales floor and volunteer coordinator. She works hard to make sure consignor items are appropriately arranged to make shopping as carefree as it should be, and deploys our volunteer staff to ensure it stays that way. Erin’s officially, unofficial title: Executive Vice President of Merchandising!

Emily W. – owner since 2016. Emily manages our ever-growing list of sponsor opportunities. She is tasked with reaching out to local businesses and independent consultants. She wants companies everywhere to have the ability to reach our expanding audience. Emily also makes sure our sale is well advertised through print and online media. We call Emily our Chief Brand Officer!