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Pricing and Tagging



Pricing is completely up to you, the consignor. A good rule of thumb for pricing is 15 - 40% of retail, and should be determined based on the brand, age and condition of each item.

  • All items should be priced in $1 increments
  • No item(s) should be priced less than $2.00. Smaller items can be “bundled” with like items to achieve a $2.00 value. For example: onesies, hair bows, socks, etc. can be placed in a zip lock bag and priced for $2.00. Just make sure all the items in one bag are the same size.


Once you have registered as a consignor, you may begin to enter your items in our online inventory system and can then generate and print your bar coded tags as you go. Go to the Registration Page and login to access the tagging system. Click on "Enter Items" and fill out the required fields.

  • Our system will guide you through the process of entering all the necessary information for each item. Each tag will include:
    • the name of the sale and seller number will be auto-filled for you
    • the system will automatically number your items as you enter them
    • price, starting at $2.00 and increasing in $1.00 increments
    • an indication as to whether the item will be discounted during the ½ Price Sale
    • an indication as to whether the item will be donated at the end of the sale if it does not sell
    • size, all clothing items included in a lot MUST be of the same size
    • item description, there are 2 fields so you can include brand, color, pattern, number of items included, etc.
    • category, please be as specific as possible
    • if you are tagging several items with the exact same information on the tag, you may use the power tagger field and have the system add a bunch of items all at once
    • If you made an error in an item that was added, you may edit it in this screen, by checking the box next to the item in question and clicking on "Edit Item". Items must be edited one at a time. If you need to delete an item, check the box next to the item and then click on "Remove Item(s)."
  • Please check Important Dates for the last day to enter tags on-line
  • Once you have completed your tags, click on “Print Tags”. Please print your tags on white 60# (or higher) cardstock, not standard printer paper or colored paper.
  • Please insure your tags are printed in black ink on the normal print setting on your printer and that your printer cartridge is full enough to print all of your tags clearly. Using the “draft” setting on your printer is NOT acceptable as those tags will not scan in our system.
  • Safety pin tags to upper right front of clothes (as you are looking at the clothing), placing the card in a horizontal position and using one medium sized safety pin to secure it in place (no straight pins, paper clips or clothes pins please!) Please do not pin through the barcode!
  • When safety pins cannot be used, be sure tags are securely taped on items with clear packing tape.
  • Pin tags to top of shoes. Shoes need to be secured together, preferably with a large safety pin or a zip tie. Please do not place shoes in a box or baggie.
  • Please make sure the tags are securely on your items. Tykes2Teens cannot be responsible for items with missing tags.
  • The barcode printed on each tag includes all the information on that tag. All changes to on-line tags need to be done via computer and reprinted, you cannot manually change an on-line tag.
  • Tagging your items on-line will allow you to track which items have been sold during the sale
  • At the end of the sale, you can generate a report of unsold items which were donated, for your records