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Discounting items
  • Our ½ Price Sale will be held all day Saturday for all items that read YES in the Discount field
  • You can choose which items (if any) you would like to be included in this sale
  • All items included in the ½ price sale will be sold at 50% of the marked price all day Saturday
  • Any items marked NO in the Discount field will be sold at full price on Saturday
  • AT NO TIME SHOULD THE DISCOUNT FIELD BE HIGHLIGHTED!!!!!! If this field were to be highlighted in error a new tag should be printed.

Donating Items
  • Please consider discounting any items that you plan to donate so they have a chance to sell in our ½ price sale before being donated. After all, something is better than nothing!
  • You can choose to have all (or some) of your unsold items donated at the end of the sale
  • Please check Important Dates to see when items that are not being donated can be picked up
  • All items marked to be donated will be given to a local charity of our choosing
  • A donated item report may be generated from the inventory system after the sale is completed and unlocked
  • Please be sure to highlight the donate field in yellow highlighter for all tags that are marked Donate: YES

Any changes to the discount or donate field must be made on the computer and the tag reprinted. Manual changes to the tags are NOT ACCEPTABLE.