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Getting Started


Beginning the process of consigning your kids’ items can seem like a daunting task at times, but it is well worth the effort once your items begin selling at the sale and the check rolls in at the end. Believe us when we say tagging can be addictive once you get started. To follow is an easy checklist of what items you will need to have on hand to get started, as well as a few pointers on how to get started.

In order to start the process of tagging your items and keep it moving along at a good pace, it is important to have all of the supplies gathered ahead of time. The following items are necessary:

  1. A computer with internet access to register and enter your inventory and check for recalled items
  2. A fresh printer cartridge for printing your tags
  3. Wire hangers to hang ALL clothing, costumes and dancewear on - found online, at a dry cleaner, a dollar store, or a super store or by asking family members to save them for you
  4. 60# white cardstock to print your tags on (they print 8 tags to a page, so you will need about 40 sheets) - found at a craft store, an office supply store or a super store
  5. Scissors to cut your tags apart
  6. Medium sized safety pins to secure clothing on hangers and to attach tags to items - found at a dollar store, a craft store or a super store
  7. Zip-loc bags of varying sizes to place small items in (bags from bedding work well too)
  8. Plastic wrap and/or painters tape to secure board puzzles
  9. Zip ties to secure shoes
  10. Clear packing tape to secure tags on to non-clothing items
  11. Fresh batteries of all sizes to place in all battery-operated items (dollar store brand are fine)
  12. Some paper towels and cleaner or a Mr. Clean sponge for wiping items clean

Once you have all of your supplies gathered together, you will need to begin the hunt for your gently used baby, kid and maternity items that you are ready to part with. Start your search off in your attic, your basement, your garage and your kids’ playroom. As you find items, make sure you clean them up, check to make sure they are working properly and have all of their parts and pieces, as well as working batteries. It is also VERY IMPORTANT that all items are checked to insure that they are not part of a recall. This can be done on the following websites: or

Clothing items, linens and any cloth covers to items like strollers and bouncy seats should all be laundered and clean and inspected to make sure they are free of stains and holes and are not missing buttons or snaps or have broken zippers. If an item is not in good to great condition please do not bring it as we only want the best items for our shoppers.

Next, start lining up your items to begin entering them in our online inventory system. Remember our item limits: 300 items in total, including 100 clothing items on hangers (each hanger may have up to 4 pieces of clothing on it as long as they are of the exact same size) and 7 pair of shoes for each sale. We also limit infant clothing in sizes between 0 and 12 months to 20 hangers per gender. Our clothing limits do not include costumes (in fall only) or dancewear and our shoe limits do not include slippers or sports shoes (like cleats, rollerblades or roller skates).

Top selling items to tag first:

  1. It is usually best to begin with your large items since they will bring the biggest return and will always be in high demand at our sales. These include items like strollers, high chairs, booster seats, portable cribs and play yards, bassinets, car seats (manufactured in the last 4 years from the sale date), bouncy seats, activity seats, walkers, gates, bed rails, glider rockers, changing tables, nursery furniture, cribs (NO drop-sides) and toddler beds.
  2. Outside items like playhouses, bicycles, other ride-on toys, baby swing seats and small play sets (due to space constraints play sets may not be able to be assembled so assembly instructions and a picture of the complete playset should be included)
  3. Toys also sell very well at our sales, especially toys that are cleaned up and look practically brand new. Some very popular items are infant light-up toys, play sets that include figurines, electronic toys, building block sets and play kitchens and work benches.
  4. Other items to gather together include costumes (costumes are accepted at the fall sale only) and dress-up clothes, dancewear, sheets and single layer blankets, bath towels and other bath items, feeding items, safety equipment, room décor and organizers, sporting goods and equipment, DVDs, CDs and video gaming systems, puzzles and board games to name a few
  5. For clothing and shoes, remember to bring us only clean items with lots of life left in them. Some big sellers are jackets and coats, snow pants and boots (in the fall) and name brand clothing that is priced to sell.

A good rule of thumb for pricing is 15-40% of retail prices, taking in to account brand name and item condition when deciding which end of the scale to price at. Remember you want to price your items to move, so keep that in mind when deciding on price and on whether or not you will discount your items. If you are having any problems pricing an item, please feel free to contact us via e-mail with the item description and we would be happy to recommend a good price point to you. Sending us a picture of the item can be helpful as well.

Once you pull your items together, it is a good idea to match up clothing sets or bundle smaller items together (like socks or books or videos) before you begin entering your items in your online inventory so that your tag descriptions can be as accurate as possible. Clothing items put together on a hanger or in a baggie MUST BE OF THE SAME SIZE. Having accurate tag descriptions that includes the correct size, brand name and color helps not only our shoppers know what they are buying, but also helps us out in the event that your tag becomes separated from your item.

We hope this page has helped you plan for how you will begin the process of tagging your items. Please visit all of the tabs on our website for more details on how to prepare your items, how discounting and donating works, how drop-off and pick-up procedures work, etc. If in the end you still have questions, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail that we will answer promptly.

Thank you for choosing Tykes2Teens Consignments!