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Consignor Checklist


  • My tags are printed on white cardstock

  • My tags are printed in black ink on the normal (NOT DRAFT) print setting

  • I have no less than 15 and no more than 300 items tagged to consign

  • Only 100 items are clothing on hangers

  • If I am consigning clothing in ANY size between 0 months and 12 months (to include 0-3 months, 3 months, 3-6 months, 0-6 months, 6 months, 6-9 months, 9 months, 0-12 months, and 12 months), I have only 20 hangers in each gender

  • All hangers and baggies with multiple pieces of clothing contain items of the EXACT SAME SIZE in them (please do NOT mix sizes)

  • I have no more than the 7 pairs of shoes tagged (slippers, cleats, and skates do NOT count as shoes in this case)

  • All shoes are zip-tied together with the tag attached to the top by a pin

  • I have only spring and summer clothing if tagging for the Spring Sale and only fall and winter clothing if tagging for the Fall Sale

  • My items are clean and without stains, holes, missing buttons or broken zippers

  • All clothes are securely hung and/or pinned on the hangers, with no possibility of them slipping off

  • All pants are pinned to the top of the hanger by the waistband and not folded over the hanger

  • My hangers are all in the shape of a “2” or a “?” when the front of the piece is facing me

  • All tags on the clothes are safety pinned in the upper right front of the piece as it is facing me

  • All multi-piece outfits are pinned together on one hanger

  • All small, like items are bundled together in baggies with the tags inside

  • I have checked to make sure that none of my items are on the recall list

  • My car seats are not older than 4 years and the manufacture sticker is attached for verification

  • All battery-operated toys and equipment have working batteries in them

  • All loose items are secured in baggies and attached to toys and games

  • All assembly instructions are included with my large items

  • All DVDs and CDs are in their original cases and are free of scratches

  • All puzzles and games are complete (without missing pieces) and the boxes are taped closed

  • All large toys, including playhouses and ride-ons, are scrubbed clean

  • All tags marked "YES" in the DONATE field have that field highlighted in yellow highlighter

  • I have scheduled a drop-off appointment

  • I have made a note of the Pre-Sale date (see Important Dates) on my calendar